Hard Rubbish Collection

Why Adelaide Rubbish is the Best Choice for Rubbish Collection in Adelaide

If you have a lot of rubbish that is too large in quantity to be collected in the regular rubbish collection, you need an expert company to do it for you.

We have all been there: you are having a clear-out because you are moving out or renovating. Maybe you have cleared up the garden and you have far too much green waste to put in the bins for the council to collect. Perhaps you don’t have a


Here's why you need Hard Rubbish Collection

Hard rubbish can be a nightmare to get rid of. If you are moving house or office, having a clear out or simply upgrading a few household items, disposing of your old objects can cause a major headache.

Hard rubbish includes large items that cannot be disposed of normally via the council’s refuse collection. Often you will need professionals to help with your hard rubbish collection.


Hard Waste Collection – what is hard waste and how do you get rid of it?

We at Adelaide Rubbish pride ourselves in being experts in hard waste collection and removal.

Getting rid of hard waste is more difficult than it sounds. The weekly rubbish pick up won’t take it and it is difficult to know where the nearest recycling centre is. You may not even have the right vehicle to transport it. So what do you do? The answer is simple: you hire a company that provides a


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