Deceased Estates

Deceased Estates

The task of clearing the home of an elderly friend or family member who has passed away or relocated can be both confronting and highly emotional. When faced with a house full of someone else’s general clutter, together with many valuable pieces, family heirlooms and old memories, it can often be difficult to know where to begin, let alone what to do with everything. In times like this it can be helpful to know that you don’t have to get through it alone.
Adelaide Rubbish Removal are experts at dealing with deceased estates and vacated properties. We’ll take care of any of your unwanted belongings, from general household waste removal to old mattresses, furniture and electronics.

STEPS to make the task of clearing a vacated property easier and more efficient:

1. Separate the keepsakes.
There is nothing worse than throwing out or selling an item that is of sentimental value to family members or friends, so be sure to distinguish these items before you begin the cleanup.

2. Allocate a specific room or area of the house. 
(eg, driveway or carport) for grouping all waste and objects to be disposed of. Alternatively, if an item is too big or heavy to move, simply tag or mark it. Now it’s time to work through the property, room-by-room, sorting through furniture and other items. Go through all cupboards, shelving, wardrobes and drawers. Be meticulous – you never know what you might find in pillowcases, between mattresses or hidden in the bottom of sock drawers. 

3. Divide all belongings according to whether you will keep, toss, sell or give them to charity.
Any items to be disposed of should be grouped together in your allocated room or area, or marked or tagged for us to easily identify. Once you have sorted through each room.

4. It’s time to call in Adelaide Rubbish Removal.
We’ll fill our skip bins with all your unwanted waste and recyclables and dispose of them quickly and without fuss – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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